A Refrigerator For The Ages

Design With Planned Integrity

Who’d Build a Refrigerator?

Free Fridge -or- The Collaborative Cooler

Disposable Refrigerator and Something Better

Disposable Refrigerators

The Power Plant -or- The Wood Fired Refrigerator

Ejector Assembly Construction

Handmade Copper Ejectors

Ejectors in Refrigeration – an Expressor

Sealing Thermocouples Into Refrigeration Lines

Cannibalizing the Ebullator

Amateurish Refrigeration Research

Refrigeration Test Bench – Part III

Refrigeration Test Bench – Part II

Refrigeration Test Bench – Part I

Refrigeration – Back at it!

The KillCap Catalogue

The Great Gravity Flooded Evaporator

1930s Household Refrigerators

Modular Refrigerator Circa 1935

Trying Not to Blow Myself Up

Future Plans

Refrigerator Cabinet Design – Part 2

Refrigerator Cabinet Design – Part 1

Discourse On Dehumidifiers

Excerpts from “Elementary Mechanical Refrigeration” by Fred E Matthews, 1912

On the Subject of Compressors

Recycling Hot Water

Hand Crafted Refrigerators

An Outlook On Phase Change Materials

Some Old Refrigerating Machines

Some Thoughts On Refrigerants

The KillCap Refrigerator






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