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Designed For The Unborn

Let it be known that I do not want to sell refrigerators, own patents, market products, or operate anything which could be construed as a business.  That being said, a guy has to make a living, so that if I

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Free Money? My Foot.

They tell me it’s free money.  They tell me there’s a guaranteed return on investment.  They tell me it’s a win-win scenario and I’d be stupid not to participate.  “They” say a lot of things. My boss regularly harasses me

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The Prodigious Purge

I’m loving the purge!  It feels so good to rid myself of unused items, unappreciated furniture, and redundant clothing.  The books are a hard one.  Some, I’ve read and won’t pick up again so, donating them to the library is

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Minimalism By Distillation

I’m going small and it feels good.  We’re in the process of finding a suitable motorhome to live in.  A beautiful Class C to modify for our purposes.  A remodeled rear bedroom for storage, a composting toilet in the lavatory,

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Living Arrangements In The Zombie Apocalypse

Stupid title, I know.  But, where are you going to be when the zombies are upon us?  Do you have a stockpile of food, water, medical supplies, weapons, and a suicide plan if it all goes bad?  I mean, you

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Living Small in a Big World

So, I was rambling yesterday about living situations and 600 square feet being too damn big.  Well, we’ve gone through a number of changes about how and where we want to live.  The ‘where’ is anybodies guess, but that helps

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