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The Appearance of Minimalism

Minimalism is concept I’m trying to embrace fully.  But, like so many ideas, it means different things to different people.  Most minimalists would agree that however you define it, material possessions encompass most of the concept.  Getting rid of stuff,

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Stewards of the Earth

Some folks view technology as a sign of changing times.  Of impending unemployment by displacement, ubiquitous colorful screens, a phone thats beeping and buzzing, makes you just want to give it a good chuck sometimes.  But, you don’t do you?

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Water Pressure Tank and a Hide Away Table

I’ve been showering in the Squatch lately, and I have to say:  I love it!  To many people, the small motorhome bathroom is too cramped and claustrophobic, but I think it’s cozy and efficient.  Everything is within arm’s reach and

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