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Fridge Powered by Farts and Rainbows

The most difficult part of designing a durable, robust, long lasting refrigerator is dealing with the the question of how to power it.  Electricity is the answer most people would pop off before I get the last breath out.  But,

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The Power Plant -or- The Wood Fired Refrigerator

I don’t like heat pumps.  Wait, let me rephrase that:  I don’t like grid tied heat pumps.  It’s the electricity!  Heat pumps are an amazing technology which I am currently obsessed with, and I am in fact in the process

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Water Pressure Tank and a Hide Away Table

I’ve been showering in the Squatch lately, and I have to say:  I love it!  To many people, the small motorhome bathroom is too cramped and claustrophobic, but I think it’s cozy and efficient.  Everything is within arm’s reach and

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A Comprehensive Collection

So, I’ve had this little conundrum for a couple years now:  I want to own a home, someplace to call my own that facilitates my lifestyle and I can build it to suit my needs, but I don’t know where

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