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Intellectual Property Of The Universe

Not only do I believe all media, books, music, movies, technological designs, and other expressions of human culture should be freely available to all people; I think it should be the intended goal of humanity to broadcast this information into

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Fresh Water Stewardship

Water conservation is extremely important when you only have a finite supply of it such as in a motorhome, unless you’re hooked up at a park or campsite and then I suppose, you could just leave the faucet on all

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Proud Pooper

Toilets are gross.  That nice clean porcelain throne you do your private business on is a staple of modern society.  Sanitation is a great achievement of technology.  Before there were sewer systems, human waste washed into the streets, plugged up

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Share Your Passion

I’m a shit writer.  Yep, that’s how I’m starting.  I write  in order to organize my thoughts in a coherent manner.  If I were writing this in a text file no one would see, I would quickly get bored, the

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Dreams With Wheels

I’ve been busy.  Busy planning, purging, selling, donating, packing, and choosing an RV.  It feels good to be busy again; to have direction, a plan.  And, there is some sort of plan:  a big change.  We’re moving into a motorhome,

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The Prodigious Purge

I’m loving the purge!  It feels so good to rid myself of unused items, unappreciated furniture, and redundant clothing.  The books are a hard one.  Some, I’ve read and won’t pick up again so, donating them to the library is

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Minimalism By Distillation

I’m going small and it feels good.  We’re in the process of finding a suitable motorhome to live in.  A beautiful Class C to modify for our purposes.  A remodeled rear bedroom for storage, a composting toilet in the lavatory,

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A Winnebago For The End Of Days

I love ridiculous titles! We’re back to RV shopping again!  Winnebago, because they are very popular and among my favorite models of motorhome other than Lazy Daze.  End of Days, because anyone with a frontal lobe can see things aren’t

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Fight Or Flight In A Culture Of Rot

I don’t know about you, but I have very little invested in United States capitalism, United States empire building, or really anything to do with the United States.  I am human.  I am an Earthling.  I think, feel and metabolize

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