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Designed For The Unborn

Let it be known that I do not want to sell refrigerators, own patents, market products, or operate anything which could be construed as a business.  That being said, a guy has to make a living, so that if I

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Growth, Death, and Survival

Homo sapiens may very well be the first species that must learn to live on Earth.  It appears as though every other species that came before us, or exists today, has a population limited by available food supply or other

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Acceptance and Adaptation

Human activities of the last 10,000 years have made irreversible changes to the landscape of the Earth, to the waters, the air, and the biodiversity of life.  This much is not up for debate; marshes have been drained, forests leveled,

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The Electric Hybrid Bicycle === Delightful

For many years, I’ve planned on building and electric hybrid bicycle for my general transportation needs.  An electric motor that supplements the human operator increases range, cargo carrying capacity, and general enjoyment of the ride.  A few hundred watts of

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Urban Homesteading and PITAC

I’ve adopted a policy in our motorhome of “Pain in the Ass Conservation”.  That’s the best term I can come up with at this early hour.  What it comes down to, is a little taste of rural homesteading in an

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Feedback Conservation

Chatting with a friend over drinks the other night, we were discussing the conservation of resources like electricity.  He was explaining to me that back in Arizona, a program existed with the power company that allowed the customer to buy

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In the Face of Ridicule

My co-workers think I’m nuts.  That’s nothing new; I’ve always worked blue collar jobs with rural type folks.  Salt of the Earth kind of people, some would say.  I’ve never fit in.  My opinions on politics, human rights, environmental concerns,

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Motorhome Living, One Month In – Daily Water Consumption

Well, we’ve lived in a motorhome for a month now, and I think it’s time to start sharing some of our experiences, as well as a little bit of data I’ve collected.  We’ve made the life choice to live in

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Two Weeks in Our Motorhome…

Yes, it’s finally happened.  After months of waiting for an RV park space to open up, we’ve finally done it; we’ve moved into our motorhome.  I thought I would be nervous.  I thought it would be nerve racking and stressful.

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Noodle Soup Village – A Tiny House Community

For twenty eight years I’ve been searching for something.  A mission, a purpose, a place to call home.  I’ve been searching in myself, in others, in culture, books, careers, and geographic locations.  I seek a lifestyle in which my actions

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Foot Pedal Sinks in the Squatch

When do you need water flow in the home?  When you want to get something wet, of course.  If the sink is running and the water is flowing right down the drain, that’s called waste.  Most household sinks have two

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Water Meters Under the Sink!

The first step towards reducing water consumption, is to know how much you are using in the first place.  See Fresh Water Stewardship.  My water system is simple in the Squatch; it has a 66 gallon tank, a 12VDC pressure

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Fresh Water Stewardship

Water conservation is extremely important when you only have a finite supply of it such as in a motorhome, unless you’re hooked up at a park or campsite and then I suppose, you could just leave the faucet on all

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