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Noodle Soup Village – A Tiny House Community

For twenty eight years I’ve been searching for something.  A mission, a purpose, a place to call home.  I’ve been searching in myself, in others, in culture, books, careers, and geographic locations.  I seek a lifestyle in which my actions

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A Bucket Of Poop – A.K.A. The Humanure Bioreactor

This is all about a bucket of poop.  Several actually.  I mean, as long as everybody keeps pooping, and I don’t see that ceasing anytime soon, then we’ll have to put it somewhere.  Mine?  It goes in the bucket.  Not

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Dreams With Wheels

I’ve been busy.  Busy planning, purging, selling, donating, packing, and choosing an RV.  It feels good to be busy again; to have direction, a plan.  And, there is some sort of plan:  a big change.  We’re moving into a motorhome,

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A Winnebago For The End Of Days

I love ridiculous titles! We’re back to RV shopping again!  Winnebago, because they are very popular and among my favorite models of motorhome other than Lazy Daze.  End of Days, because anyone with a frontal lobe can see things aren’t

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