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Noodle Soup Village – A Tiny House Community

For twenty eight years I’ve been searching for something.  A mission, a purpose, a place to call home.  I’ve been searching in myself, in others, in culture, books, careers, and geographic locations.  I seek a lifestyle in which my actions

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The Appearance of Minimalism

Minimalism is concept I’m trying to embrace fully.  But, like so many ideas, it means different things to different people.  Most minimalists would agree that however you define it, material possessions encompass most of the concept.  Getting rid of stuff,

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A Bucket Of Poop – A.K.A. The Humanure Bioreactor

This is all about a bucket of poop.  Several actually.  I mean, as long as everybody keeps pooping, and I don’t see that ceasing anytime soon, then we’ll have to put it somewhere.  Mine?  It goes in the bucket.  Not

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Proud Pooper

Toilets are gross.  That nice clean porcelain throne you do your private business on is a staple of modern society.  Sanitation is a great achievement of technology.  Before there were sewer systems, human waste washed into the streets, plugged up

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