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1930s Household Refrigerators

The evolution of the household refrigerator is not a well known story.  There seems to be few people interested in the subject.  Perhaps it is not as romantic as the development of the automobile.  Nonetheless, a concerted effort was put

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Trying Not to Blow Myself Up

I advocate hydrocarbon refrigerants for vapor compression systems whether it’s refrigerators, dehumidifiers, split systems, whatever.  There are a lot of advantages to them over proprietary cocktails like R-134a, R-22, 410a and so on.  First of all, they are naturally found

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Discourse On Dehumidifiers

I’d like to talk about dehumidifiers; what they are, how they work, design failures and improvements I’d make. The dehumidifiers I write of are a specific kind, but probably the most common.  They are the small white plastic towers people

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On the Subject of Compressors

The refrigeration compressor is where all the ‘magic’ happens.  To understand the process of compression is to understand the fundamental principles of mechanical refrigeration.  A compressor is the mechanism that allows us to reuse that same refrigerant over and over.

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Some Thoughts On Refrigerants

Refrigerants are the blood of a vapor compression system.  They are pumped round and round in an infinite loop of compression and expansion.  The types of materials selected for use in refrigeration are based on a number of factors, the

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