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Bringing Materialism Back

It is a worthy undertaking to redefine what we know as “materialism” in today’s culture.  The word is so often associated with excess, waste, and possessing more stuff than the neighbors have.  Keeping up with the Jones, or what not. 

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Designed For The Unborn

Let it be known that I do not want to sell refrigerators, own patents, market products, or operate anything which could be construed as a business.  That being said, a guy has to make a living, so that if I

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The Absurdity of Property and Human Rentals

Perhaps this is a little much for some people to swallow, but I’m just going to lay it out. We have a property disorder here on this planet.  Yeah, property.  Like land, trees, the air, the minerals, the means of

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Free Money? My Foot.

They tell me it’s free money.  They tell me there’s a guaranteed return on investment.  They tell me it’s a win-win scenario and I’d be stupid not to participate.  “They” say a lot of things. My boss regularly harasses me

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Fight Or Flight In A Culture Of Rot

I don’t know about you, but I have very little invested in United States capitalism, United States empire building, or really anything to do with the United States.  I am human.  I am an Earthling.  I think, feel and metabolize

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Freedom to Choose Your Tyranny

The practice of an established monarchy is largely dead; the ideology of feudalism, although more common than you think, is met with hostility by most citizens; so, what makes you think capitalism and representative government is the pinnacle of freedom

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The Practice of Victim Blaming

Capitalism is an incubator of the very worst behaviors in human beings, and it’s the greed, violence, addiction, gluttony and bigotry that the cynical majority cite as examples to the futility of building an alternative system.  The people I meet

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Empathy For Corporations. Really

I don’t necessarily blame greedy corporations for their actions.  Their corporate charters (by law), require them to produce a profit for their shareholders regardless of the social, economic or environmental consequences.  Corporate monopolies and destruction of small business is the

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Organized Entropy Expansion #1

I don’t like shopping.  I buy used, if I buy at all.  Sports are dumb.  The TV is a propaganda box.  Guns are a tool and should not be idolized.  “The sanctity of marriage”, is a phrase uttered by bigots.

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An Analysis of a Construction Equipment Rental Company

I work for a construction tool rental company based out of Seattle, Washington.  My time in the Portland, Oregon branch, although brief compared to the average employee, has led me to make a few small observations about the day to

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