Freedom to Choose Your Tyranny

The practice of an established monarchy is largely dead; the ideology of feudalism, although more common than you think, is met with hostility by most citizens; so, what makes you think capitalism and representative government is the pinnacle of freedom and human achievement as a political economy?  What do you need a boss for anyway; don’t you know your job?  How come you make all that money for those people and are told to be thankful for what they gift you?  What use is all the rhetoric about democracy in the United States when you spend 40+ hours a week living in tyranny?  The rest of the time, you live in a world increasingly crafted so as to coerce you to consume more, produce more, as each iteration brings yet more wealth for them to skim off the top.

The metabolism of human production, aided by technology will bring material wealth and leisure time to fully develop our collective potential.  Money is not the root of all evil.  Government is not inherently corrupt.  Human nature is not one of greed or self interest.  Our salvation shall only be found through the recognition and casting out of the freeloaders in society; the true “Welfare Queens” if you will.  The Capitalist Class.

-M.C. Pletcher

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