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Creating Affordable Housing in Portland

There are many reasons for wanting to live in a city as beautiful and progressive as Portland.  For us, we like the fact that by staying close to the city core, we don’t have to commute for our jobs which

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Corollary to a Sun Tracking Tiny House

I must get these ideas for a sun tracker out, so I can move on to more pressing matters.  I simply feel the need to develop an idea, and then set it aside for possible implementation in the future.  Yesterday,

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Sun Tracking Tiny House

One of the great advantages of a tiny house on wheels, is that it can be moved or reoriented to suit the needs of the occupants.  Don’t like your view?  Spin that thing around!  I believe this unique feature is

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Noodle Soup Rentals – Renting in a Tiny House Community

By their very nature, tiny houses on wheels are mobile.  This has probably stemmed from the zoning laws and building codes tiny house people have been trying to circumvent.  Also, some folks just want to own a home, but aren’t

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Noodle Soup Village – A Tiny House Community

For twenty eight years I’ve been searching for something.  A mission, a purpose, a place to call home.  I’ve been searching in myself, in others, in culture, books, careers, and geographic locations.  I seek a lifestyle in which my actions

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