100 Year Fridge

The following links theme my intention and progress in producing a long lasting, serviceable, and rugged refrigerator.  Listed by most recent first.  Also check out the YouTube playlist Modular Cooling Unit.

Bringing Materialism Back

Designing a Refrigerator at 55mph

Modular Refrigerator Project Update- Part 2

Modular Refrigerator Project Update- Part 1

A Refrigeration Laboratory

Designed For The Unborn

Beginning the Modular Refrigerator

A Refrigerator For The Ages

Design With Planned Integrity

Who’d Build a Refrigerator?

Free Fridge -or- The Collaborative Cooler

Disposable Refrigerator and Something Better

Disposable Refrigerators

The Power Plant -or- The Wood Fired Refrigerator

1930s Household Refrigerators

Modular Refrigerator Circa 1935

Refrigerator Cabinet Design – Part 2

Refrigerator Cabinet Design – Part 1

Hand Crafted Refrigerators

The KillCap Refrigerator

A Better Refrigerator

I Caught the Refrigerator Bug


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