A Refrigeration Laboratory

The refrigeration laboratory is here.  This is the first blog post I’ve written since late summer 2016, and I’m doing so on a desk and chair I purchased at the Goodwill Bins for $8, not more than an hour ago.  It’s funny how much the environment can change one’s behavior so.  Before the weather began to turn cold I was cranking out at least two YouTube videos per week on the progress of my 100 Year Fridge project.  I told myself that video was the only good way to document my work, because I just didn’t have the time to write and caption pictures.  It is true that I was insanely busy bending copper, soldering stainless steel, concocting new heat exchangers and two phase thermosiphons, so sitting down to carefully explain what I was doing would take at least as much time as I spent building the shit (which was a lot).  But I realize just now that part of the problem with writing is just getting started, and it sure is hard to start when there are so many distractions to prevent that.

I sit in an 8×10 foot windowless shed, well insulated, and accompanied little more than a homemade beer fridge, a heater, and the laptop I’m writing this on.  I’ve thought about this a good bit, and I think the best course of action is to continue with the YouTube videos to document the physical work, and to use this medium you are reading to explain the principles and purpose of the project, as I’ve done repeatedly in the past and will continue to reiterate.  For now, I give you a few pictures of my shed, and the process of building it.

















I’m still busy getting thing together and organized.  I have decent WiFi set up now (before it was non-existent), as I converted a router to a repeater to improve signal.  I also have a lot more crap in here making it feel pretty tight.  More posts to come.

-M.C. Pletcher

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One comment on “A Refrigeration Laboratory
  1. Hadi says:

    Hi Dear Pletcher
    This is Hadi Salimi from Iran I am an enterprizer and I would like to have a colaboration with you in order to produce and build your innovation in my country.
    Because, if your project actually work with sutable efficiency this could bring and earn a lot of $. So I am looking forward to see your opinion about colaboration.

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