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Free Money? My Foot.

They tell me it’s free money.  They tell me there’s a guaranteed return on investment.  They tell me it’s a win-win scenario and I’d be stupid not to participate.  “They” say a lot of things. My boss regularly harasses me

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Noodle Soup Rentals – Renting in a Tiny House Community

By their very nature, tiny houses on wheels are mobile.  This has probably stemmed from the zoning laws and building codes tiny house people have been trying to circumvent.  Also, some folks just want to own a home, but aren’t

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The Prodigious Purge

I’m loving the purge!  It feels so good to rid myself of unused items, unappreciated furniture, and redundant clothing.  The books are a hard one.  Some, I’ve read and won’t pick up again so, donating them to the library is

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Minimalism By Distillation

I’m going small and it feels good.  We’re in the process of finding a suitable motorhome to live in.  A beautiful Class C to modify for our purposes.  A remodeled rear bedroom for storage, a composting toilet in the lavatory,

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Living Small in a Big World

So, I was rambling yesterday about living situations and 600 square feet being too damn big.  Well, we’ve gone through a number of changes about how and where we want to live.  The ‘where’ is anybodies guess, but that helps

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