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Organized Entropy Expansion #1

I don’t like shopping.  I buy used, if I buy at all.  Sports are dumb.  The TV is a propaganda box.  Guns are a tool and should not be idolized.  “The sanctity of marriage”, is a phrase uttered by bigots.

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Mobile Minimalism

I’m no minimalist.  I don’t really know what that would look like.  No such person, I suppose, but I like the ideology of minimalism.  I tend to be an excessivist.  Hmmm.  Red Underline.  My word?  Anyway, I do things excessively.

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Living Small in a Big World

So, I was rambling yesterday about living situations and 600 square feet being too damn big.  Well, we’ve gone through a number of changes about how and where we want to live.  The ‘where’ is anybodies guess, but that helps

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