Organized Entropy Expansion #1

I don’t like shopping.  I buy used, if I buy at all.  Sports are dumb.  The TV is a propaganda box.  Guns are a tool and should not be idolized.  “The sanctity of marriage”, is a phrase uttered by bigots.  Honey-Boo-Boo is a cultural tragedy.  God doesn’t exist; we have to take care of each other.  The United States empire is by far the largest and most destructive global terrorist entity to ever exist.  I’m pro-choice; pro-woman more like it.  Peeps are not edible.  Fur REALLY is murder.  Corporations are the most egregious welfare queens.  “Single use disposable”, is an insane concept.  Capitalism is killing the biosphere.  We should be space travelers instead of committing suicide.   An enlightened society doesn’t eat other sentient beings . I am the universe thinking about itself, and you are a figment of your own imagination.  Together, we are the stewards of the cosmos, gardeners of the possible, creators of complexity.  We are god, and should start acting like it.  Don’t eat peeps; they suck.

-M.C. Pletcher

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