Recommended Books

This is a partial list of books I have enjoyed relating to appropriate technology, social systems, history, economics and whatever else I think relates to the subject of this blog.  I once had a large library of natural building books, but I largely gave them away to downsize and fit in a motorhome full-time.



  • Principles of Mechanical Refrigeration by H.J. Macintire – 1928
  • Power’s Practical Refrigeration by The Editorial Staff of Power – 1921
  • Household Refrigeration by H.B. Hull – 1926 and 1933 editions
  • Compendium of Mechanical Refrigeration and Engineering by J.E. Siebel – 1918
  • Modern Electric and Gas Refrigerators by A.D. Althouse and Carl H Turnquist – 1933
  • Mechanical Refrigeration by Fred E Matthews – 1912
  • Refrigeration by James A Moyer and Raymond U Fitz – 1928 and 1932 editions
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration by Burgess H Jennings and Samual R Lewis – 1939
  • Theory of Mechanical Refrigeration by N. R. Sparks – 1938
  • Ice Refrigerating Machines by York Manufacturing – 1892
  • Audel’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning – 1945
  • Principles of Engineering Thermodynamics by Paul J Kiefer, Gilbert Ford Kinney, Milton C Stuart – 1930

The last group is all out of print, I’m sure.  Some editions of these jewels can be found on, or many digital forms are on  My refrigeration library has grown considerably, so this list is far from updated.


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