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Modular Refrigerator Project Update- Part 1

Long overdue for an update, I have these backlogged photos of my journey towards building a better refrigerator, and I feel I need to get these published so I can pursue further writing. See Part 2 The last nine months

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Designed For The Unborn

Let it be known that I do not want to sell refrigerators, own patents, market products, or operate anything which could be construed as a business.  That being said, a guy has to make a living, so that if I

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The KillCap Catalogue

I enjoy designing vapor compression machines.  It all started with a refrigerator.  I have thought long and hard on how these mainstays of modern living could be improved and someday I will make some of them a reality.  In the

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“Free” as in “Freedom”

A part of technological design I think is important, is the distribution model chosen.  In a dominantly capitalist economic system, marketability seams to be a deciding factor in the success of an idea or even whether anyone bothers building something

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A Philosophy Behind Technological Development.

I have a lot of technical designs I hope to apply to the real world, even if they only suit me personally because they are either too impractical or simply undesirable for most.  Anyone who has read any of my

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Recycling Hot Water

There are a number of different ways to heat domestic water for bathing, washing clothes, dishes and whatever else people need.  Electric Resistive, Natural Gas, Propane, Kerosene, BioMass, Solar, Heat Pumps and even Compost Heaps come to mind.  Obviously, some

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The KillCap Refrigerator

As it stands right now, the machine I would most like to develop is a pedal powered refrigerator and possibly freezer.  The compressor and drive mechanism will consist of a metal framework supporting a heavy flywheel perhaps 40 centimeters across

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A Better Refrigerator

If you ask most people, “What are the most important things we are going to need in a peak oil world?”.  I can guarantee that a better refrigerator won’t make it into their top 20.  It probably won’t even come

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I Caught the Refrigerator Bug

I caught the refrigerator bug again.  It happens every few months, I get a job, I quit a job, I change  my musical taste, I read a few books; but then, it comes back with a fury.  That damned refrigerator

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