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Stewards of the Earth

Some folks view technology as a sign of changing times.  Of impending unemployment by displacement, ubiquitous colorful screens, a phone thats beeping and buzzing, makes you just want to give it a good chuck sometimes.  But, you don’t do you?

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A Bucket Of Poop – A.K.A. The Humanure Bioreactor

This is all about a bucket of poop.  Several actually.  I mean, as long as everybody keeps pooping, and I don’t see that ceasing anytime soon, then we’ll have to put it somewhere.  Mine?  It goes in the bucket.  Not

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On the Subject of Everything

What is humanity’s role in the universe?  I don’t ask this question as though there is some sort of definite answer sought after for ages only needing decoded from some ancient religious scripture handed down from an omnipotent grand creator.

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Notification of Intent

This blog represents my intentions to catalog and possibly share personal musings on the subject of entropy.  Of primary interest to me is the study of the universe and the distribution of matter and energy throughout, with special regard to

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