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A Better Refrigerator

If you ask most people, “What are the most important things we are going to need in a peak oil world?”.  I can guarantee that a better refrigerator won’t make it into their top 20.  It probably won’t even come

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Household Refrigeration 1927

Notice the individual cabinet like doors on the refrigerator and the swinging drawer at bottom. Most units were belt driven external drive in this book. There was extensive use of flooded evaporators with low side floats at this time. I

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I Caught the Refrigerator Bug

I caught the refrigerator bug again.  It happens every few months, I get a job, I quit a job, I change  my musical taste, I read a few books; but then, it comes back with a fury.  That damned refrigerator

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Notification of Intent

This blog represents my intentions to catalog and possibly share personal musings on the subject of entropy.  Of primary interest to me is the study of the universe and the distribution of matter and energy throughout, with special regard to

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