Trustworthy, But Not Creditworthy

I relish change.  Embrace it.  I seek it out.  I’m not a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of guy that will just jump into any situation without mulling it over, but with some thorough planning I try to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

Recently (in the last few months) I’ve been planning a slightly different lifestyle by moving into a 30 foot Class C RV.  We had it all planned out; we knew what we were looking for in layout, features, price point, a place to park it, just about everything.  Except the financing.

I don’t like debt.  I don’t do debt.  I’ve had very little debt in the past.  I pay cash, even for large items.  However, the plan for this lifestyle change was made a little more suddenly than my disposable cash would allow.  We would need a small loan.  Surprisingly, even with credit scores of 806 and steady jobs, we were rejected repeatedly.  (Unless we were willing to accept an interest rate of 22.99%.  Yeah.)  The reasons given were anything from:  a policy against RV loans for full timing, a lack of credit history, limited time living in state, limited time at our current jobs, and so on.

We’ll just have to try our hometown bank 2700 miles away, I guess.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep paying $900 a month rent to occupy a space neither one of us enjoy anymore.  I was running around like a madman cleaning, purging, selling, trying to get ready for the move.  Well, I’ve been taking a break from all of that, but now it’s a new year (by someone’s arbitrary definition), and it’s time to continue purging.  By early March I hope to have found the financing we need, and then we’ll have saved a much large down payment.

To change!  Happy New Year!

-M.C. Pletcher

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