Change of Course – 3 ? 4 ?

This is at least the third or forth time I have decided to change the course of this blog, and my focused area of research.  You could say I wander wherever my attention is captured.  I remain interested in all subjects written of prior to this date, however my immediate course of action will put those interests on the back burner for now.  We remain in a motorhome in the pacific northwest, renting a comically small plot of land for an obscene amount of money.  In time we will find cheaper accommodations, but for now, this suits us until we both settle into our new jobs.  We are quite close to being out of debt; 20 months on a 60 month loan – not bad, eh?

For a while there, I was very focused on building a tiny home of some sort.  I still have aspirations to do so, but currently have no prospects as to where I would build it, or where I would park it.  Due to this double dilemma, I feel the time is not yet right for that, and I should just sleep on the idea – for a few years.

The work I have been doing with ejector and flooded evaporator is much too valuable (and so much fun), that I can’t let the dust collect on that equipment.  These technologies were going to be implemented into a heat pump for this winter, but for a number of reasons, I chose not to rush into such an extensive project until I feel more confident in my abilities.

It was some recent work I did, as a collaborative project with a fella I met through my YouTube channel, that has me interested in focusing on small appliances.  I attempted a very small dehumidifier with a Coke can sized brushless DC compressor.  I learned rather quickly that either I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, or the the parts I utilized were mismatched (probably both).

It was in conversation with my friend who got the compressor for me, that we decided the compressor (or similar) would be suitable for a small refrigerator/freezer.  Now my interest in refrigerators is no secret.  There are a large number of posts on this blog pertaining to antique refrigerators, and perhaps as many about my own thoughts on refrigerators.  It would seem that I may have a new project, which at this moment in time, just feels right:  I want to build a better refrigerator.

-M.C. Pletcher


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2 comments on “Change of Course – 3 ? 4 ?
  1. Long shot here, but I have a place in the wetlands in Olympia (it’s on a gravel roadway in the back of the property) that I could rent to you VERY inexpensively…right next to my Tiny Home project that I’ve abandoned for the time being. My blog has pictures that show some of what the property looks like, if you are curious.
    Just putting it out there. 🙂

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